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Encompass Contents is located in Grand Junction, CO. We offer the most advanced contents cleaning services in the Western Slope and surrounding areas. Whether a home or property is affected by fire damage, smoke, mold, or sewage, we have the equipment to quickly and thoroughly clean the contents of that property.

Our Main Clients

Insurance Companies

insurance claims, especially regarding homes and contents, are expensive. Our technology allows us to clean the contents of any home or property at a fraction of the time of our competitors, and at a higher salvage rate – saving labor hours and cost of replacement. With soft contents, for example, we can cut down claims cost by up to 70%.

Restoration Companies

Companies that deal with water, mold, and fire restoration. At Encompass Contents, we only handle the contents cleaning part of the job – we do not handle home restoration or reconstruction (that part is all yours). But, we recognize that not all restoration companies are set up to handle large volume of contents cleaning, or lack the necessary equipment to avoid handcleaning. We are here to work with you and help you shine at what you do best.

Schools/ Fire Departments

Our cleaning capabilities far outstrip our nearest competitor within the Western Slope of Colorado, and surrounding areas. If you are shipping out any of the following for detailed cleaning on an annual or semiannual basis, look no further than us moving forward: athletic equipment, jerseys, bunker gear, even computers for ionized water cleaning.

We are hiring!

Why Encompass Contents

Located in Grand Junction, CO, we are centrally located between Denver and Salt Lake City. Focusing solely on contents restoration for insurance companies and home restoration companies, we are the most experienced, best-equipped, and best-trained contents cleaning outfit in the Western Slope. We understand that cleaning the contents of a person’s home carries great responsibility, and we hold ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

We are hiring!

We can be reached 24/7 for contents cleaning jobs at 970-623-0023.

Our facility is open, and processing contents 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday.

Our Certifications

Our Certifications

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