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Contents restoration will likely be the next big area in the restoration industry to see drastic changes. From insurance estimating practices to technology and customer care, restoration companies currently performing contents cleaning work will either need to keep up with the increasing demands or utilize more specialized companies.

We are here because we are highly specialized in contents cleaning. We train with the best in the industry – those on the cutting edge. We innovate every day. We have a soft touch with clients. We are dependable and get the job done.

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The Western Slope of Colorado

We are the only contents-specialized company servicing the Western Slope, Eastern Utah, and the Rocky’s mountain towns. Unlike the Denver and Salt Lake areas, Colorado’s Western Slope has no access to high-end services in the Contents cleaning industry, outside of the services we provide. We are here to provide the highest quality contents cleaning possible for companies and residents in our area, and we are here to stay.

Compassion in Business

When you go to your job day in and day out it can begin to seem mundane. Things might change from time to time with workload or individual situations, but overall, it can seem the same. Showing compassion to others can be difficult in the daily grind.

However, avoiding that sense of the commonplace is very important in our industry. When we begin a “restoration project” we’re actually restoring a person’s home life. Compassion is a necessary part of the job because so much is at stake for every homeowner.

For whatever service you’re looking, you want a company that began from a place of compassion. It guarantees that you’ll always have the highest integrity, skill, and dedication in the people you hire. Passion for what we do caused us to start up Encompass Contents.

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