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Climate-Controlled Facility

Located in Grand Junction, CO, we have the only state-of-the-art contents restoration facility on the Western Slope. Our facility features unique sectioned areas for various stages and types of contents cleaning, and a wide array of contents cleaning technology. Our climate-controlled facility has expansive room for contents storage, and the ability to fit contents jobs from multiple homes.

Esporta Wash System

This machine is specifically designed to clean “soft contents” - clothing, leather, towels, nonbreakables. This patented restoration technology is capable of restoring over 90% of soft contents in a home, to food grade clean. Whereas a lot of hand-cleaning efforts result in clothing being thrown away as non-salvageable, the Esporta can save insurance companies (and homeowners) up to 70% of the cost of their soft contents losses.

For insurance agents, this means that loss ratios just got substantially better. In some cases, the contents claim from a fire loss can nearly equal the claim to the actual house. We can reduce that contents bill by 70%.

For homeowners, we can clean your favorite clothes, bags, and shoes, almost no matter how smoke-damaged they get from any fire. And they come back to you like new

Fireline Ionizer

The Fireline Ionizer uses de-ionized and de-mineralized water, giving it zero electrical charge with no additional elements in the water. Because this water has no charge, we call it “hungry” or “thirsty” water. It readily attaches itself to contaminants, dust, and dirt within electronics, while preventing any chances of shorting out circuits and wiring from water exposure.

The entire process requires a skilled technician, but using the Ionizer we can clean computers that have even been affected by soot and smoke damage from a fire. So long as the computer (or other electronics) were not melted by the fire, contaminants can be removed and the computer can be cleaned again to work like new.

Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaner

A multi-stage state-of-the-art “assembly line” of contents cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner uses soundwaves in water to agitate and remove contaminants on any hard surface fit into the machine, and uses heat to open up pores of the material for a truly roots-level clean.

After a fire loss smoke and soot can cause as much damage to a home as the fire itself. The fire may be localized to one area such as a kitchen or living room, but the smoke it creates often flows to all other areas of the home. Smoke travels quickly and far, coating contents throughout a home with acidic ash. If not handled properly, these smoke-damaged items can be ruined.

Ever cleaned something but still had a lasting smell left over? Not anymore when you let us clean it for you using our ultrasonic.

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